We use a Strictly Therapeutic, Swedish Relaxation Technique.

We are qualified to perform Swedish relaxation technique. All massages can be specified by time rather then area

Back Massage.    $55

Half an hour of localized massage, relieving stiffness, tiredness and headache. Includes back, shoulders, neck and head massage.    30 minutes

Full Body Massage. (Ladies Only)      $75

Swedish Relaxation body massage literally from head to toe.    60 minutes 

Ultimate Body Massage. (Ladies Only)    $95

Full body, head and face massage.    70 minutes

Indian Head Massage.    $69

Arms shoulders, upper back, neck, head and face. Performed while sitting down, no need to undress and no oils used.    40 minutes

Pregnancy Massage.    $75

A great way to relieve stress on the body while pregnant. Highly recommended for the expectant mother.    60 minutes

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