Strict sterilization protocol is followed to all instruments, that are not disposable. All files and buffers are single use and at the end of treatment offered to clients free of charge or disposed of. Sinks are chlorine sterilized after every use.
Your health is our priority and we will not cut any corners to put you at risk.

French Polish add on    $10

Have your nails done in French Polish for only $10 when you add it to any manicure or pedicure.

Express Manicure.    $39

File, cuticle work and polish application.    30 Minutes

Spa Manicure.    $59

File, cuticle work, relaxing hand exfoliation, massage and polish.    50 minutes

Warm Paraffin Manicure.    $79

Full spa manicure with exfoliation and massage, warm paraffin immersion. Soothes dry skin, aches and pains.    70 minutes

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