Clinical facial treatments that deliver rejuvenation to traumatized, sun damaged, pigmented, congested and acne skin.

Peels single    $65     

Two different strengths of peels are available to loosen dry dead skin cells revealing a fresher, more even, revitalised complexion. Ideal for sun damaged, pigmented, congested or coarse textured skin.
To achieve the optimal result  a course of 6 treatments is recommended over 6 weeks.
Prescribtion care creme  products are required to be used 2 weeks prior to a peel.
Course of 6 treatments and Glycocides Creme (pre-purchased) - $400

Microdermabrasion.    $85 or $55 When Added to any Facial.

Non-invasive gentle process which mechanically exfoliate's the surface of the skin removing the build up of dead and damaged cells contained in Stratum Corneum.
By doing so it stimulates production of collagen, elastin and fibroblasts within the dermis.
Highly effective treatment for acne prone skin, fine lines and lip lines, hyper-pigmentation, stretch marks, unclear complexion and blackheads, ageing and sun damaged skin, dull appearance.
6 treatments, once a week is recommended to achieve the optimal result.
Course of 6 treatments (pre-purchased) - $450.

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