Back treatment -The Back facial.    $69

Deep cleansing treatment, that refines and smoothes the skin, prevents clogging and breakout's and controls oiliness. This is a facial for your back.    45 minutes

Spray Body Tan.    $40

Hydrating natural looking spray tan. Full body.    30 minutes

Body Exfoliation & Wraps.

Rejuvenating and relaxing body treatments. After a customised exfoliation, masks are applied to your body under a thermal blanket, this activates the natural absorption of the ingredients for best results.
All warps are accompanied by a scalp massage.
Chocolate Body Wrap

Body Salt Glow.    $55  Add onto a wrap $45

A deep cleansing and exfoliating treatment combining a blend of aromatic sea salts, mineral salts and essential oils to remove impurities, dead cells and stimulate circulation, bringing your skin back to superb radiance finished with hot shower and nourishing Dry Body Oil application.    30 minutes

Seaweed Body Peel (Litho-Cal).    $65

A zesty exfoliation treatment with the ultimate in skin smoothing capabilities. Increases the blood circulation, smoothing contours and energizing the skin. Ultimate detox polish and a treatment in it's own right.    30 minutes    

Seaweed Body Wrap.    $119

Post winter, slim and tone.
Wrap yourself in Seaweed Therapy. This effective treatment detoxifies and re-mineralises dry, depleted skin. Your body is covered in warm micronised Seaweed and gently wrapped. As stress and toxins are eliminated, your entire body resurfaces youthful, replenished and hydrated.    60 minutes

De-Stress Aromatherapy Cocoon.    $119

Winter - say good-bye to dry skin.
Breathe in tranquility as your body relaxes and stress gently slips away. Natural essential oils soothe your senses as they are warmly applied to stimulate your body's ability to release stress. Your entire being is nestled in a delightful cocoon and transported to a state of ultimate relaxation.    60 minutes

Hot Chocolate Wrap.    $119

Indulge, nourish. Winter warmer, get warm inside out
Delicious warm Chocolate Butter made from shea, cocoa and mango butter applied all over to deeply nourish your body and satisfy your senses. The pleasant heat of the cocoon helps to infuse the melted butter into your skin. Followed by rich application of Chocolate Body Custard. This chocolate lovers treat is almost good enough to eat.
60 minutes

Summer Passionfruit & Mango Wrap.    $119

Summer in a wrap will take you away to a tropical place. Your skin will love the vitamin invasion and hydration. Not only will you feel warmth of summer, you'll smell like one too.    60 minutes

Raspberry Wrap.    $119

Spring, awaken your skin. After a long winter, the smell of raspberries will awaken your senses. Rich in vitamin C - potent anti-oxidant, your body will glow with healthy looking skin.    60 minutes

Sweet Apple Wrap.    $119

Autumn, deep rich treatment. The scent of apple and jasmine will bring on a state of relaxation. Restoring sun exposed skin.    60 minutes

Tropical Escape Pineapple and Papaya Anti-Aging.    $139

This exquisite tropical wrap counteracts premature ageing and sun-damage by delivering wrinkle-smoothing and rejuvenation. Pineapple, Papaya, Pomegranate, Calcium, Vitamin A, Collagen and Elastin will deliver outstanding rejuvenation. This wrap will take you on a sensory journey you'll never want to leave. Clearly our QUEEN OF ALL WRAPS.    60 minutes

Far Infra-red Body Wrap.    $65

Detox, pain relief and weight loss.    45 minutes

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